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Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope snatch strap 10m 8t KERR 4x4
Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope snatch strap 10m 8t KERR 4x4
Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope snatch strap 10m 8t KERR 4x4

Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope snatch strap 10m 8t KERR 4x4

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Kinetic tow straps are specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance, the kinetic strap (sometimes referred to as a snatch strap or KERR) is a very effective method of extracting a bogged or immobilized 4WD vehicle when a second vehicle is present. 

The ability to stretch is a distinction between a snatch strap and a tow strap. These kinetic straps are elastic when under load whereas a tow strap doe not - providing you with two primary benefits: First, the kinetic energy generated by the elasticity actually aids the recovery, and second, the elasticity greatly reduces the likelihood of vehicle damage during recovery. The enormous weight of each 4x4 and the weighted force of whatever caused the immobilization puts enormous strain on the point where the straps are attached, and without some elasticity, there is a substantial risk of damaging the vehicle. For vehicle recovery, a kinetic strap is safer and less-damaging than a tow strap.

The Snatch Recovery Procedure.

Move the recovery vehicle in front or behind the stuck vehicle (take a look first to see which is optimal). The distance between the two must be about half the length of the snatch rope. Ideally, a third person should be used to marshal the entire procedure.

Attach the snatch rope securely to recovery points on both vehicles, using shackles. Open the stuck vehicle's bonnet, and lay a blanket or coat over the snatch rope to dampen the whip should the snatch rope snap.

The recovery vehicle then GENTLY accelerates, until the jerk on the strap is felt. Let the snatch rope bring you to a stop. The nylon webbing of the snatch rope will stretch up to 20% and then recoil to its original length. When the snatch rope has recoiled, the bogged vehicle should have inched forward a bit.

You will be amazed at just how little momentum is required. Remember to keep some tension on the strap to avoid abrasion from the road surface. Gently repeat this process until the bogged vehicle is freed.

Breaking Strength: 8ton/8000kgs
Length: 10mtr
Width: 2"/50mm
Elasticity: 20%
Material: 100% nylon
Reinforced Eyes