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Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit
Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit

Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit

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Say goodbye to those pesky bumps and jarring rides - and get ready to take flight in the Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit! Get customized support and adjustable air springs, so you can soar over any terrain - without the rough landing! Plus, our kit includes everything you need for seamless installation and effortless enjoyment. So, you can ride with ease and peace of mind - all without lifting a finger!

Universal kit, the air bags are 4.35" X 6.5"

Air helper springs are an invaluable aid for vehicles which tow or carry heavy loads. These ensure the vehicle stays level at its optimum ride height. These air bags simply fit inside your rear coil springs and can be inflated when the rear of the vehicle is sitting down due to a heavy load. Once the load is gone the air springs can be deflated. This avoids the harsh ride problems when fitting heavy duty rear springs. 
The ride can be set to your liking within a couple of minutes.
To inflate the air bags you can either pump them up with a standard tyre inflator, or fit the Air Lift compressor kit.