Wild Mats (Pair)Wild Mats (Pair)  Ref: SAV099
Wild Mats. [only UK source]
Wild Matts are made from a [tough, rot-proof] synthetic fiber compound which is pretty easy to cut, should you wish. The dimples on each side grip the ground and your tyre to resist slippage. Wild Mats are flexible enough to contour with uneven ground, but stiff enough to avoid rucking up like roll-up versions.
Weighing only 1.4kg each and with no nasty edges, they are very easy to handle and store in your vehicle.
Perfect for, soft sand, slippy mud, and especially on wet grass and snow.
Wild Mats are suitable for 2WD and motorhomes too.
They also have many other uses such as a windscreen sun shade, tent door mat, wind shade for cooking, outdoor shower mat.
[as used by Chris Scott in the Sahara]
Dims 120cm x 45cm only 1.4kg each!
Sold in pairs

Thanks to Peter at Atlas Overland for the pictures.
A quote from Peter...
"The sand mats performed very well. They're really easy to handle - no more barked shins or sliced fingers! We found them very quick to deploy so we were soon able to get back underway .. After use they shed sand remarkably well so there's no mess if you're stowing them inside a vehicle. (under the bed in my case)."